Chatty Monday Vlog


6 thoughts on “Chatty Monday Vlog

  1. You really seem fully back to your bouncy self! You dont need a new IPAD tho, just a tech savvy person to sort it out!

    • I talked about it on one of the videos that I don’t post on here, just on my YouTube channel. I had a listing ban for a week because I had an item for sale which the brand owner believed was a fake (it wasn’t).


  2. Caroline, that did make me laugh about the opticians and Hot Cross Buns. Got to confess I think I’m the only person in the world who has not yet made a smoothie! Just listened to the news and the latest recommendation is to up our intake of fruit & veg to 10 portions a day. Your smoothie mix seems one that I would like & the packs are a good idea. I’m drowning in clothes clutter & keep meaning to give EBay a try. Didn’t know you could draft things out first before placing an add, thought I would make some awful mistakes in the descriptions & all hell would break loose!
    So there you are, two inspirations in one video, thank you 😊

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