Charity Shop Haul


8 thoughts on “Charity Shop Haul

  1. Do you ever keep things for yourself, this is my problem, I do it more often that I should. I am a 16 which is also a good seller so I pick out a lot of things in this size and end up keeping rather too many items for myself!!

  2. What great prices…far cheaper than down here. Liking both wrap dresses and I’d say the black sequiny number had a ‘jabot’ going on. No it was the A31 near Ringwood, they have offered me a Speed Awareness course, just hoping that I can do it here in Sussex. Sorry I haven’t been by much lately, oftentimes I just don’t have 15mins to look at one post. Not long now till the car boots start! x

      • No, I phoned the police in Dorset and they told me that I’m unable to transfer, I think that is peculiar to them as I know other counties allow it. Got to go to bloody Wimborne!
        I know about jabots as I had a lacy one on my Caledonian uniform.

  3. Love watching your videos Caroline, I am trying to catch up with all of them! I sometimes watch them on YouTube but because I haven’t got a channel the only way to comment is here, but I ‘like’ them on YouTube. I like Seasalt brand very much, only discovered it last year. Just bought myself Babyliss rotating hairbrush at full price,perhaps I should have checked the charity shop first! Love charity shops but darent go in because I bought too much stuff from sales a while back & have run out of storage space completely,eek! There was I trying to become more minimalist or capsule wardrobe type🙄

    • Thank you, Rita 🙂 Do hope you get on well with the Babyliss brush, it’s one of my favourite things, literally changed my life! I too aspire to be miniamlist, but never gonna happen!


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