London Shopping Haul


6 thoughts on “London Shopping Haul

  1. I love that Primark cardigan Caroline, perfect for spring I am wearing such dark colours at the mo, it would be nice to brighten up my wardrobe! Glad you had a great time!x

  2. Glad your back didn’t hold you back from your bargains. 🙂 David Bowie boots!

    As you were showing your new jewelry, I found myself wishing I could remember exactly what a particular pair of earrings of yours looked like that I always meant to DIY. I wondered if I could go through your past vlogs and see you wearing them. And then it dawned on me that you were wearing them in THIS vlog. LOL Thanks for that! I’m seriously going to try to create something similar. So cute.

  3. No Jo Malone! Love all your rose gold and yes, your cardigan will be lovely over black trousers and a black top, or a dark grey ensemble, or navy. I’m sure you’ve got some jewelry or makeup that will make that coral pop!

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