Get Ready With Me – Make Up Chat


6 thoughts on “Get Ready With Me – Make Up Chat

  1. Really enjoyed the video. Gave me some ideas. Definitely will buy the Revolution palette. I need a new blusher. Have a Clarins powder and its like me old and worn.

    I agree about the Archery brow but I made the mistake of buying their other option with the fine brush which is useless.

    Also Marc Jacobs liner is disappointing. Mine didn’t dry out but the crayons fell out and were lost. I contacted customer service and they weren’t interested.

    • Yes!! Three of my seven have fallen out completely several times – I’ve not lost them but I’ve had to pick them up off the floor and put them back in! Really poor for the price point. I emailed MJ about it, via their US site and they just referred me back to where I’d purchased from, so I emailed Harrods last night. I”ll let you know if I hear back.


  2. Yea! I loved the vlog. It makes me want to go sit at the vanity, but it’s half past midnight, so I guess I should go to bed and do it in the morning. 🙂 I remember when you got the Marc Jacobs liners, I put it on my Amazon shopping list, but never got around to ordering it.

    Again, loved it. You always look so great.

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