No More Vlogmas


10 thoughts on “No More Vlogmas

  1. So, SO sorry, Caroline. I feel for you. Hope you are pain free very soon. I have spent more on chiropractic care this year than any other…which is a pain in itself.

    Hope that your Christmas is a relaxed and happy one. All the best to you and yours.

  2. Caroline, take the time out to reflect on your year and next years goals, sometimes having enforced time out can be a good thing, as you get lots of thinking time, try not to stress, can I recommend physio if Chiropractor does not work, I have a great one in Tiverton but too far for you I think, but they do wonders for my backx

  3. Caroline, I’ve only just caught up with the last Vlogmas, so this is a belated get well wish & I hope your on the mend by now. You have been very busy (understatement of the year!) Loved watching you videos this past year, it’s like having a friend popping in & having a chat! First things first though, rest (ok,wishful thinking perhaps) get well & then blog😊

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