Vlogmas Day 2


4 thoughts on “Vlogmas Day 2

  1. Not a rant at all – very well-expressed in my opinion. If there are those who are bothered by you vlogging on the road, as you say, they should watch something else! I absolutely loved that you turned the camera on your drive home – lovely to watch the scenery although it made me quite homesick for England. It’s December 29 and I’m catching up on your posts – we left Washington on November 19, drove ten days across the southern United States, and arrived in Virginia to take possession of our new government quarters (the same ones we moved from two years ago!), unpack, and put up our Christmas decorations. It’s been a crazy month! I haven’t blogged in ages but it’s the top of my goal list for 2017.

    Love the Advent calendars! Happy New Year.

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