Weekly Vlog Inc. Charity Shop Haul


2 thoughts on “Weekly Vlog Inc. Charity Shop Haul

  1. The whole cushion saga was funny, I think larger square plainish mustard could work and maybe a couple of small rectangular ones to go in front. Or you could get more of the same designer as the wallpaper but would be expensive, these are lush: https://www.amara.com/products/large-linear-stem-cushion-50x50cm-sunflower?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&amss=1fn&pdg=98512513950__77801682150_c_1o3&gclid=CjwKEAiA3qXBBRD4_b_V7ZLFsX4SJAB0AtEV_wVpqFyzzc0eezt76Hnv0OfWTOECJZ6oZELXok_skBoCMNbw_wcB

    • They are lovely, Emily, but sadly not the right shade – the green is too green and the yellow is too yellow! First world problems, eh?! Thank you for the linky though 🙂 >

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