Ways To Improve Your Day


10 thoughts on “Ways To Improve Your Day

  1. I just found your vlog last week and I am really enjoying it!
    Dancing round the kitchen to the radio helps brighten a horrible morning.

  2. Morning Caroline! Great vlog – just what I needed this morning. Guess what I’ll be treating myself to at the supermarket today! My little pick me up is a lovely coffee from my coffee machine – usually a caramel latte – caffeine, sugar, creaminess, calories – hits the spot everytime! Have a good day.

  3. All super suggestions… Going to the movies in the middle of the day is a great treat I find too – always an escape from normal life…..(plus here it is cheaper than at night too).

  4. Hello Caroline, found you by accident last week when I was trying to find out about eBay. Must have had a bad,very bad senior moment earlier this year when I went completely over the top with buying clothes that I just don’t need! Now got to dig myself out of the hole ( clothes mountain ) that I have created! No fool like an old fool as they say, I’m 65 years old soon so should have known better!
    I love your chat & cheerfulness & will continue to stay tuned. Off to work now, just 5 hours per day for 2 days per week.

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