eBay Sales Update


4 thoughts on “eBay Sales Update

  1. Another interesting vlog! As someone who buys most of my (and now OH’s) clothing from charity shops or car boots, I’ve had a few disasters with items I thought were OK only to get them home and find they are not fit for purpose, and many near misses. As you are buying a lot of stuff, do you have time to scrutinise it all properly I wonder, or have you had a fair few rubbish buys? I have picked up a couple of items recently at a car boot, only to notice, just before purchase, one had a nice underarm hole and another had very stretched seams down the back. A charity shop 50p bargain maxi dress I did buy turned out to have a rip around the bottom but as the pattern was so busy I didn’t notice! Just wondering if you’ve had anything similar happen. Now I’m always looking for the defects and it takes me ages to check everything.

    • Hi Claire – yes, I sometimes overlook defects in clothing, it’s so easy to do, specially when buying in bulk. If it’s just a small issues that can be corrected with a needle and thread, then it’s not a problem, but it’s very frustrating when it’s something that makes the garment unsaleable. I occasionally take things back to charity shops for a refund/credit note.


  2. Interesting to see what you buy and sell for. Are there some brands/items that you give a wide berth to? Love the DKNY purse…I’m rather partial to anything red.

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