August Goals


7 thoughts on “August Goals

  1. That is a big list! I, coincidentally, made my list today. I usually do it on Sunday, but I was gone this weekend, and just got home today. I keep a notebook so I can look back and track progress. Each week/page I write down 1 main goal for the month, 3 major weekly goals, and then my to-dos for the week. Really helps keep me on track and helps me see that I really do get things done even when it doesn’t feel like I do.

  2. Hope the auctions go well. I used to go a lot but my house is tiny so I had to stop, ha. My advice is view first, set a price limit before bidding and don’t go above it and don’t jump into the bidding too soon. I need to read that Marie Kondo book….is she one of those that has her knickers in regimentally lined up in colours??? I could never manage that. x

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