Car Boot Sale & Charity Shop Haul


3 thoughts on “Car Boot Sale & Charity Shop Haul

  1. Those suits are great! Real winners.
    I do have a couple of random questions for you if you don’t mind.
    Firstly, how is Reg? My cat is poorly with renal failure so poorly kitties have been upmost in my mind.
    Also, I am about to go sofa shopping and love yours. May I ask where you got them from and if they are a recent purchase?
    Enjoying your Vlogs as always.
    Best wishes

    • Hi Jo – thanks for asking about Reg – he’s a lot better, thank you. He stayed at the vet’s for a few days and the prognosis wasn’t good, but he’s picked up a lot since coming home and is eating well again. Fingers crossed!

      As for my sofas, I bought them from a local department store in Nov 2014 (I’ve just dug out the receipt, hence I know the date!). They are called Cavendish Amethyst range. HOpe that helps 🙂 Have a great weekend x


      • Good to know Reg is perking up. May it continue.
        Thank you for going to such trouble about the sofas! That was above and beyond!

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