Beauty: Empties & New Products


4 thoughts on “Beauty: Empties & New Products

  1. I bought the Simple eye make up remover as I had forgotten to bring my normal Kiko one away with me. I was really disappointed as I felt I really had to rub to get it off.

    My friend in th USA bought me the Marc Jacobs gel eyeliners and they are great. They stay on which is a miracle for me. A black which is too dark but the bronze shade is lovely. She also brought over a hydracholic acid serum which I have yet to try.

    My next purchase is an Urban Decay eyeliner in blue. I tried hers and it too stayed on.

    • Oooh, so glad you the Marc Jacobs eyeliners worked for you. With the Simple eye make up remover, trying holding the cotton pad over your eye for a few seconds and then swiping, I find that it comes off with a couple of swipes that way.


  2. Just ordered the Lee Stafford stuff via amazon – never seen it in the shops here. Love your beauty blogs. I have had good success with clarions skin care but it is quite expensive. I have no allegiance to night creams/moisturisers but am always trying different ones.

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