Decluttering My Life: Cook Books


4 thoughts on “Decluttering My Life: Cook Books

  1. You’re brave – I’m not sure I could attack my cookery book shelf like that even though I probably haven’t cooked anything out of 75% of them in ages! Was Scandinavia the word you needed?

  2. I thought you were quite decisive. I had a pretty brutal downsizing of cookbooks a few years ago. Now I only have about four out that I use fairly regularly. You are absolutely right about how we search for recipes these days…I do so much on the Web. I think it also has to do with all the food options we have available in the stores now that we didn’t in the past. I have a binder that I keep printed copies of recipes I’ve printed, cooked, and liked enough to want to cook again. SOMEWHERE, however, there is a box. I’m not sure where it is, and I’m sure that almost all of the box full can be recycled in some way EXCEPT for my mother’s ledger book that has all her handwritten recipes in it. I really must find that.

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