6 Tips For Worry / Self-Doubt


6 thoughts on “6 Tips For Worry / Self-Doubt

  1. Good video. So much rings true. The bed/sleep thing in particular. Chocolate and lighting candles also do it for me too 🙂

    • Haha, funnily enough you’ve just picked up on something I’m going to put in a future video! Hope all’s good with you and yours – exam trauma reigns in this household!


  2. Very interesting video. I am a worrier always have been but think it has got worse the older I get. I can see things in newspaper headlines literally. I have at times been very low to the extent I thought how easy it would be to fall down the stairs or crash the car because then I would have a physical illness. I have found the only way out of it is to grab the situation with both hands and take action to change it. This was how I came to Renwicks. I was a financial adviser and along with many of my colleagues the pressure on sales was so great that I couldn’t cope anymore. So I told the OH we would have to sell our big four bedroom, double garaged house in NA and downsize so I could leave the job and get out of sales. I was met with a lot of opposition and apathy but went ahead and took the receptionist job in Renwicks with a massive decrease in salary. But it did the trick and possibly saved my sanity and within months I was back in sales and loved it.

    Ps I love my bed too.

    PPS Have you been checked for pernicious anaemia? The symptoms you describe of utter tiredness is a symptom of pernicious anaemia which I have had for thirty years.

    • You’re so right, Glynis – making the change you need is so important. Recognising it and having the confidence and bravery to get on with it even in the face of opposition is really hard.


  3. That was a brave and useful post, I admire the way you are happy to discuss these issues with us. I do feel my confidence has decreased (and my waist line increased) since the menopause. My anxiety levels can be awful but I know that every time I worry it’s a wasted and draining emotion and that helps a lot. A lot of women my age, late 60s, suffer with anxiety, its not something I ever imagined would happen but I still take flights, cope with heights, and have new experiences, I know many people who don’t which must be so limiting. One friend says its because we are older and now know that s**t happens that we fear it more but I try not to let the fear take over.

    • Thank you, Jenny. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head that we see obstacles rather than the goal as we get older, and the more we try and concentrate on freeing ourselves from that fear, and ‘doing it anyway’, the better it is for us.


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