Day In the Life Vlog


2 thoughts on “Day In the Life Vlog

  1. When you sat down with your coffee and toast I thought the smoothie was a candle!!! Our dining room table also becomes a dumping ground – as does the kitchen island. Interestingly enough when Hubby is away it doesn’t get cluttered up quite as quickly. I too struggle in the afternoons to stay properly awake. Tell myself I must have Spanish/Italian blood and a siesta is thus required! No bank holiday here for us but it is the countdown to school finishing for the year. Eldest is studying for exams. All her friends had to declare today which US universities they are attending/have accepted places for (non conditional) where as she still wants to go over your side of the pond which is conditional – we have reserved a US option just in case…. oh the drama involved with that!

    • Glad to hear other people have dumping grounds, too! I like the idea of being Mediterranean – nice weather, nice food and an afternoon sleep – so civilised! x


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