A Chatty Ramble


6 thoughts on “A Chatty Ramble

  1. 50 pounds for a 4 pound purchase? That’s amazing. Did you find the brand? How do you begin to research something like that? And the faux-Hermès? Another amazing deal. You do have an eye for what will sell.

    • Hi Pamela – I started off by googling 1970s art glass vase, and worked from there. I love the research part, it’s one of my favourite parts of the job. Reverse image search on Google is a brilliant tool as well. Hope all’s good with you and yours x >

  2. Hi Caroline, Just popping in to say how much I’m learning about re-selling from your vlogs – I find them incredibly inspirational and you pick up some wonderful hauls. I’ve also started watching a few other re-seller YouTube videos too and am learning so much. Thanks to you a whole new world of re-selling information has opened up for me and I’ve been able to up my game tremendously as a result. Your vlogs are still my favourite as you are so chatty and natural on camera and, of course, I do love seeing the odd view of Reg and / or Ron. Wishing you, Ashley and William a very Happy Easter, Elizabeth.

    • Hi Elizabeth – always lovely to hear from you, and so glad you’re enjoying the videos. I’ve learnt an awful lot as well since finding the reselling community, and have a lot more confidence these days in picking up things that I would have passed by previously. If you don’t already watch her, look up ‘Fake Rachel’ on YouTube, she’s a friend of mine and does great videos with loads of good reselling pick-ups. Hope all is well with you and P, and the rest of your family, and Happy Easter to you all, too 🙂


  3. Another worrier here. I knew exactly what you meant when you talked about rehearsing scenarios in your head. I do this constantly, particularly for those experiences I don’t have a ‘script’ for, which are new.
    Also understand the safety blanket of stock. In my head it would be a case of if everything went wrong, I would have selling the stock to fall back on.
    Hope you can find a way forward regarding your job without too much more heartache.
    All the best

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