A Night Away With Friends


10 thoughts on “A Night Away With Friends

  1. Pre dinner drinks in your room reminded me of all those hotel room parties when I was a hostie…you must have had cabin parties? Northcote Manor looked lovely, no wonder it was a special offer, didn’t look like there was anyone else there?

    • Oh yes, we had some mad cabin parties!!! Making me smile just thinking about some of them! The hotel was actually full – there was a gay wedding the day we left, and all the guests stayed the night before – but they went out for the evening to the local pub, so it was very quiet on the Friday evening x


  2. ❤ Oh, Caroline, I laughed so hard. From the long drive with commentary, and the 'sometimes you don't have to do what your wife says.' LOL I'm with Pamela, over here we call wedding thingies gazebos. 🙂 We call crouching husbands behind beds total dorks…at least that's what I call mine! When I need a lift, I will be rewatching this one over and over. Oh, look. It's an air ambulance!

  3. i really think Ashley needs his own channel. Maybe a spoof estate agent one where he can show real houses but with his unique take and sense of humor? (Humour) – bloody spell check.
    And I have said it before but I’ll say it again I MISS THE RAIN….

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