Beauty: Empties & Haul – Feb


10 thoughts on “Beauty: Empties & Haul – Feb

  1. I looked the Marc Jacobs eyeliners up online and they were £39 for one! Far too much for me. Sob. As I said I have such problems with eyeliner “slipping” I bought two one Bare Minerals which is also far too thick and the other a cheapie, I also tried a friends L’Oreal which she swears by. Nada. So is it something I am doing with cleansing or moisturising? I also got a free Bare Minerals eye primer which turns out to be a shiny metallic colour. Most weird.

  2. Interesting to hear your thoughts, might give the Max Factor primer a go when I run out of my Avon one. Like the nail polish, will look lovely with bronzed hands in the summer. Since xmas only an Avon lip gloss and bar of patchouli savon de Marseilles has crossed this threshold…soz to disappoint! xx

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