Beauty: My EyeShadow Collection


8 thoughts on “Beauty: My EyeShadow Collection

  1. I am going to branch out as well – I’ve been in the brown palette too long. I’d love to see a vlog about the brushes you use – it seems like some of your palettes have sponge applicators/brushes that have been used and some don’t look used at all. Have you switched to a different brand of brushes or do you use more than one brand? You use the terms crease, highlight, and eyeliner and I’d love to see what brushes work best for you. And finally, what’s your take on how long eye make-up should be kept?

    • Hi Pamela – I will do a video on my brushes, great idea, thank you. I’ve also been asked to do a make-up tutorial type one, which I’ve been avoiding for a while, but I’ve been asked several times now, so I’ll do one soon, atlhough I’m no kind of expert on applying make-up! As for how long eye make up should be kept, I think powders last indefinitely, creams less so. Once they dry out and become difficult to apply, I tend to get rid of them. Mascara, I’m quite good about not hoarding, as I don’t think it lasts well – six months max, probably. Hope all is good with you and yours x


  2. Amazing collection of eyeshadow, and quite enjoyable looking through all those palettes. Some of the colours are stunning, especially the nudes, of course, but now I feel the need for a plum or a rose gold shade! I’m rubbish at applying makeup and all mine plus nail varnish, fits into a very small space, I’m quite ashamed!

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