Q&A: Answers to Your Questions / Part 1


11 thoughts on “Q&A: Answers to Your Questions / Part 1

  1. I understand your being bored with the blue, but I still think it really highlights your eyes. I am a bit bored with my hair length at the moment, but it has taken so long to get here, I don’t want to start all over…maybe I will get out of the boredom phase. I really like yours curly as well.

  2. Looking very nice there Mrs M, the hair off the face really makes your eyes look amazing. Grey sounds good, if we called it dark silver or pewter would that help. I did like the blue but grey would go with everything.

  3. Some very good questions and honest answers there Caroline,i have a question ; i know you were in the merchant navy on cruise ships but what did your job involve ? I too would love to hear more of your travels ! Was going to ask if once in a while you could do a vlog on books you have read and films you have seen as miss those blog posts xx.

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