BBC Filming, & Lots of Driving


21 thoughts on “BBC Filming, & Lots of Driving

  1. Brilliant! Well done you! I must admit to laughing out loud when you said how scared you was! Very much looking forward to the programme being aired. I must admit to thinking about you and your adventure the last couple of days (which is a bit weird as I only “know” you from your blog!) Many congratulations – you’ve been very brave!

  2. I don’t know the programme so you will have to let us know when it’s live. I have a regular nightmare about leaving my make up behind when going away. You actually did it! Hair…I like it curly. As for the colour either go to the hairdresser who will get the blue out or try Nice N Easy No. 98 that is the old number as they have changed it all but it’s still on the front of the package. I had so many problems with putting the wrong colour on and every time this sorted it out.

    I know what it’s like to be so scared. Normally when I am travelling.

  3. Hi Caroline ,you did it !!!! well done ,you looked so much more happy and relaxed once you had met up with Nic and Ken ,when you said you felt like crying in the hotel room beforehand ,i actually thought you may just do that as you looked very much on the verge .Its a shame the BBC didnt choose your car boot as the venue ,it would have saved you all that driving and you always get such amazing buys there !Good luck for tomorrow when they film at yours ,wont be half as stressful .xx

  4. Well done you, it all worked out and you looked relaxed during the filming. I think I’d have given up at the thought of the long journey. I once refused to drive from Edinburgh to Inverness in winter and that was for work, eventually my boss had to send some one else to do my job. I too like your curly hair and the way you had it off your face, looked lovely.

  5. Hope you’re able to upload a clip of the final program. Another vote for your curly hair – it looked lovely. I think I would have insisted the BBC send a car to collect you!

  6. What the hell Caroline! Are you going going to be on t.v.? I’ve missed your vlogs for a while, and then I saw this! Tell me when so I can see you you in all your techni- colour hair delight ! Xx

    • Yes, I’m going to be in a programme called Right on the Money on BBC1, due to broadcast sometime in July. I’ll post on here once I know the exact date/time etc. We were filmed in Peterborough over the weekend, and they’ve been round to the house to film some follow up stuff today. x


  7. oooh! I love the hair and am amazed you were brave enough for the filming – I remember you being anxious before the skype chat before Christmas. Also love the curly hair. Email me or announce here when you are on the telly!!! (also laughed at the money shot bit!!!)

  8. How exciting! Was surprised you were so nervous though, guessing lack of sleep didn’t help. You looked lovely and I like your hair curly. Had to google Money Shot and now feeling like an ancient old fogey…. thought I was pretty ‘down with the kids’ and knew most of ‘those’ terms but that one escaped me.

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