Any Questions?


8 thoughts on “Any Questions?

  1. Morning Caroline – just watched one of your videos on your facebook page about ebay (when I should be getting ready for work). Just wanted to say you are a total inspiration when it comes to reselling! I don’t sell half as much as you do (or even a quarter!) but I’ve learned such a lot by watching your vlogs ie what sells, taking decent photographs and having a reasonable amount of stuff for sale. Because of this I was able to fund our Christmas much more easily and now I’m working towards a great summer holiday – thank you you’re a star!

    • That’s so lovely to hear, Dee, thanks for taking the time to write that comment, very much appreciated. It’s always good to have goals to work towards, helps with motivation, I find 🙂 >

  2. Tell me about the hair. I’ve never ever dyed mine so I was interested in how you kept changing colour, lovely colours by the way. Do you need to take the old dye off to add a different one or does the new colour go over the top, which might alter the shade. How do you get back to your original colour if you want to, and what is your original colour. Do you have to condition more because of the dyes, are they harmful at all. Just tell me all about it please.

  3. Another Ebay comment/question here – you talked a lot in December about going to the parcel shop – what is this? Is it a shipping place that boxes things up and then you pay a fee and the postage? I’ve only sold the odd thing here and there on Ebay so I usually just pack it up into an old box and then stand in line at the post office to mail it off. And for those of us who love to travel along with you in our imagination, where are you off to next? One more, tell us about your trip to London. Loved the Jo Malone thank you note you posted – lovely personal touch.

  4. OK – VERY NOSEY ONE HERE… So do you think W will go of to college/Uni and will you and Ashley stay in the house? How do you see your lives changing when this happens and is it your forever house…. (just met someone who said she has to move every 5 years… made me think if that is quite normal???). Do you ever miss the barn? This makes about 5 questions……

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