Beauty: My Holy Grail Products


14 thoughts on “Beauty: My Holy Grail Products

  1. Interesting to see your beauty must haves Caroline. (I still have that post in draft!) I used the L’Oreal telescopic mascara for a while and then found Max Factor False Lash Effect which is just as good I think, and cheaper. I discovered some gorgeous handwash in the Ladies lavs in The Savoy on Monday…I’ve even googled it and may have to buy. x

  2. I’m using the L’oreal telescopic mascara at the moment and love the actual product ,but i struggle with the wand ,getting it back into the packaging!I think i may have forced it back in at some point and the wand may have slightly changed shape or there could just be a knack to it !!
    Good news with the Jo Malone perfume Caroline,that should last you xx

  3. I have fine hair like you Caroline, so went out and bought a Babyliss! I used it for the first time this morning, and was delighted with the result. Hope the style holds in for work tomorrow. Anyway, thanks for the recommendation. This is one of the delights of reading blogs.

    • Hi Michelle – so glad you’re pleased with it – I absolutely couldn’t be without it any more, it’s a complete essential tool! Hope you’re having a great weekend – Caroline 🙂

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