My Top 10 Time Management Tips


6 thoughts on “My Top 10 Time Management Tips

  1. Great tips, I consider myself a pretty organized person but it’s nice to hear what works for someone else. I really have to set a timer for social media – I get on there and suddenly it’s two hours gone! So addictive. Can’t wait to hear all about your trip to London.

  2. Love the timer idea I am taking that one and trying it this week. I live with a piler, as in, where ever they sit a pile appears. like a collumn, to them it is tidy to me it is a trip hazard. I now dump it all in a basket (like a toy box!) and dump it on the bed so it has to be completed before sleep. slowly it has worked and stuff is put away without the need for the basket, during the week. the weekends… we have no real pattern so maybe need to work on that.

    Myself I need to work on getting the dish washer loaded and run over night. I really hate it being left.

    not my tip but the Mr has a black berry for work, it gets his work emails. at 6.30 it auto shuts off. maybe if your emails about ebay come into your phone that you could get a seperate pay as you go phone only for those alerts and it shuts off at 6.30? I have no ideas about social media. I never got into it. I wouldnt ever get anything done. I have a butterfly mind and would sit on it all day with all of the updates and everything else would slide.

    • Hi S – The timer idea is brilliant, I’ve been using it for years and it really works. I’d need a big basket in this house for all Will and Ashley’s piles of stuff! My phone does go onto ‘do not disturb’ but not until 10pm (my choice) – perhaps I need to think about making it earlier, but I know I’d struggle …


  3. Really enjoyed you VLOG, I’m currently looking for anything to help me manage my time better. Currently, I using a daily habit chart so I can tick off thins as I go, a to do list and a social media planner. Most are proving successful – so far.

    Think the clearing the desk every evening is definitely worth a try too.

    Thanks for the tip x

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