2016: NOT Resolutions


6 thoughts on “2016: NOT Resolutions

  1. I don’t make resolutions either but like you have an idea of what I’d like to improve in my life.
    Always in the New Year I like to have a de-clutter and ‘wardrobe edit’. I’ve just bagged up some clothes to take to the vicarage for the homeless…. so I can tick that one off. Dealing with paperwork is something I need to improve on, don’t suppose I will though as I find it so boring.
    Have been crocheting a lot lately, once you start again you’ll get fired with enthusiasm and ideas.
    I’m not bad when it comes to buying make-up and only purchase it when I’ve run out of current stuff, usually to be told my fave lipstick /blusher has been discontinued! So annoying.

    • Hi Fiona – Happy New Year to you! I do love a good declutter at the beginning of the year as well. Always good for the soul! I’m looking forward to getting back into my crocheting – feels like an age since I picked up my hook. x >

  2. Another blog friend mentioned that she got a fitbit recently, and managed to log 2.5 km while knitting (sitting on the sofa). She now removes it from her wrist and puts in in her pocket while knitting. Just thought I’d bring it up since you mentioned yours and crocheting in this post. 🙂

  3. Just read that last comment about you taking 31 steps before you got out of bed ,maybe you had been sleepwalking Caroline lol! I,m with you on a couple of your goals ,i have that many beauty products,make up and perfume ,in fact i think i could take a bath in perfume or nail polish so i intend to appreciate and use what i have ,with just the odd lapse now and then .!
    The second one being to read the books i have and not buy any more ,another hard thing to do but since you introduced me to vlogs,ive been spending time watching those instead of reading ,in fact ive just started a book ,first one since about last october ,which is a shame as i love reading like you and have so many good books waiting to be read x

    • You Tube is one of the main reasons I’m not reading so much – I have all but given up television, and replaced with with YT, which is fine, but I really don’t want it to eat into my reading time as well. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day! x >

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