Beauty: Empties


19 thoughts on “Beauty: Empties

    • Hi Pamela – well spotted, it is indeed a Fitbit, and it was a Christmas present. I got lots of lovely bits and bobs – candles, skincare, books, a bottle of tequila(!). Did very well, considering as a whole, our family had decided to cut down on gift giving this year. Now I just need it to stop raining for more than five minutes so I can get out and start trying to get my 10,000 steps a day done! >

  1. I have the New York eye primer but don’t rate it. Much preferred my Pixie one. No one seems to give me nice smellies now and difficult to buy here in this part of Spain. How I long for Boots! Still waiting to try the Body Shop grapefruit body cream.

  2. I have empties envy, I seems to take months for me to finish any of my products and there is always a large stash waiting to be started. I will try harder this year (that is not a resolution).

    • Unfortunately, i seem to amass more products than I ever get through, so I know how you feel, Jenny! That’s one of the areas I’m looking to tackle this year – video coming up later today! >

  3. Interesting blog – thank you. Like you, I love Emma Hardie’s cleansing balm but recently I’ve been using Clinique’s take the day off cleansing balm, which I think is just as good, albeit without EH’s lovely fragrance – it’s also cheaper (£22 for 125mls).
    Also, have you tried Washi cloths? – available from They are great for removing every last trace of cleanser.
    Best wishes, Jill.

    • Hi Jill – thanks so much for the link, I’ve ordered some washi cloths and one of their polishing cloths, they sound really good. Must admit that part of the reason I love Emma Hardie is the fragrance – I tend to like my skincare to have a lovely aroma, so I’m not an enormous fan of Clinique skincare for that reason, although their products have always worked well for me. Have a great week – Caroline 🙂 >

      • I hope you like the washi cloths, and I’ll be interested to hear what you think to their polishing cloth – I haven’t tried one yet.
        Take care and I hope you have a good week too.
        Best wishes, Jill.
        P.S. Is your tortoise still awake? – sorry to obsess about Fred, but I loved your amusing description (in one of your vlogs) of your family’s ‘damn tortoise’.

      • Oh, the tortoise! He went missing during the late summer/early autumn, and we eventually found him after a couple of months buried in a flower bed (he’d buried himself, they do that), where he’d been asleep for two months. So we brought him in, put him back under his light and fed him up for several months, planning that we’d put him into hibernation early December. Unfortunately, the mild temps have had other plans, and it’s too warm for him to want to sleep, so he’s now charging around the house. If the temps dip, he may hibernate, but it needs to be less than 5 degrees ideally, and even in the garage, where he normally hibernates, it’s double that at the moment. He’s still only 6, so he can’t do a full winter’s hibernation until he’s a bit bigger, but yes, the whole tortoise thing. Makes me wish I’d bought William a mouse instead, which was what he wanted in the first place. It would have been long dead by now!!


  4. Always enjoy your Empties videos Caroline, although I have to admit I haven’t heard of many of your products. The French ones are familiar, Rimmel and Mandara (Sainsbury’s shopper!)
    I still haven’t blogged that post about my beauty buys! Must really get around to it.
    Happy New Year!

  5. That’s an impressive amount of empties Caroline,apart from shower gel shampoo/conditioner and deodorant ,handcream etc it takes me ages to finish things .Have used up a few candles though over the festive period x.

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