Vlogmas Days 17 & 18


4 thoughts on “Vlogmas Days 17 & 18

  1. Hi Caroline ,oh you do make me laugh ,from friday being your 2nd favourite f word to looking and feeling good after drinking red and white wine,to your out of date spice and,to your pink christmas tree !No Seriously i was feeling very stressed today trying to do 101 things ,and i just made a cuppa limited my time on laptop to just watching this one vlog and its calmed me down and made me lol literally so thank you for that ,just what i needed .You cant see my dining room table for wrapping paper ,gift tags etc .but its going to have to wait we are going out for drinks tonight to celebrate Jens birthday ,think it will probably be like your night out ,at this crazy time of year everywhere is rammed !so off now time to get ready to go out .Hope Ashleys works party went well .xx

    • Glad you enjoyed it, Lyn. I haven’t even started wrapping presents yet, that’s today’s job. I’m dreading it!! Hope you had a fun night out with Jen and she enjoyed her birthday 🙂


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