Vlogmas Day 15


4 thoughts on “Vlogmas Day 15

  1. Do you know it wasn’t until you mentioned your hair that I noticed it was no longer pink!!! Did it just wash out in the end or did you have to use something different on it to strip the colour?
    I am now very excited to see the blue. Living dangerously hair wise through you and Katy Perry!!! lol.

  2. Hi Caroline just watched vlogmas day 16. Let me tell you I love your vlogs! Don’t let a miserable spoiler get to you. I think you’re hilarious (in a nice way – ooh is that a sticky out bit of hair?), so natural with the camera. You’ve also inspired me to try harder with my ebaying so thank you for that too. I know in life one can’t please everyone and there’ll always be a nasty sod somewhere but honestly there is nothing to dislike about your vlogs and they make me smile! Happy Christmas!!

    • Hi Dee! Thanks so much for leaving me such a lovely comment, and I’m so glad you’re enjoying the vlogs. Don’t worry, the haters don’t really get to me too much – I tend to get briefly furious and then just let it go. Hope you have a great Christmas, too! Caroline 🙂


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