Vlogmas: Days 8 and 9



2 thoughts on “Vlogmas: Days 8 and 9

  1. Day 8: Could not take my eyes off of your necklace…loved it with your sweater. I love parallel parking! LOL I aced it on my initial driving test, in a car I had never driven before (a large station wagon, no less), and that gave me so much confidence I have always done well at it. And even if the gentleman’s remark was solely because you were a woman, maybe next time he sees a woman he won’t be surprised when she does well…you may have changed his mindset…good girl! I just put up my tree…pre-lit, and will start decorations later.

    Day 9: I’m always so in awe of your mornings. For me they are lethargic (unless I’m at work). Usually get a good kick of energetic motivation around 3pm, then another at around 10pm, I’m such a nightowl. Glad you enjoyed your meet up…for me anticipation dread is always worse than actual event…I just have to keep telling myself that when something is coming up. 🙂 I’m loving your daily vlogs too!

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