Beauty: November Favourites


7 thoughts on “Beauty: November Favourites

    • Thanks so much, Helen. It was a total whim, I’ve always quite fancied having really bright hair but never been brave enough before. Suddenly I was. Am very pleased with it, and have had amazing positive feedback – even from my 77 year old Dad!!

  1. I am so glad that blusher got there in one piece! I didn’t know you didn’t have Physicians Formula in UK – let me know if you want any more. I love the way they pack all the different colours in the powders – such a harlequin effect so you don’t really know the way it will work.
    I LOVE your hair colour btw…. quite tempted to do similar myself too. I remember when I went ‘red’ for a while – it really limited what I could wear clothes and make up wise!
    Don’t even get me started about Christmas. A NUTTER near us has had ALL her Christmas decorations up and VERY visible since the end of OCTOBER!!!!

  2. Must try that hand cream Caroline,that happens to me all the time (coffee mug or in my case tea mug slipping when just applied hand cream ,or i put hand cream on beforeapplying nail polish and then i cant get a grip on the opening of the polish.!
    i’m with you on the reading of books,or lack of it ,since you told me of your you tube channel,ive been catching up on all your posts and then flicking onto other peoples (its a whole new world out there) that reading and the tv have not had a look in .see what you have started Caroline lol.x

  3. Love your hair Caroline – it looks very dramatic. I use the L’Occitane hand cream too and usually try to get the verbena fragrance which is a lemon scent rather than the zesty lime you have. It always make me feel quite fresh. Keep the vlogs coming. I’m not brave enough to do a blog yet but I may give it a try next year.

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