The ‘My First Time’ Tag

I really enjoyed filming this one.  Hope you like it, too.


13 thoughts on “The ‘My First Time’ Tag

  1. Brilliant video Caroline, so good to get back to watching – life has been so hectic this past while I’ve not been able to catch up on as much as often but LOVING your new hair colour! Wow, it’s fabulous 🙂 Never did I think you’d go for pink hair but it really really suits you! Looking forward to catching up on a few more of your videos, hope you’re keeping well! Karen xo xo

    • Thank you, Karen. I know what you mean about hectic life – there never seem to be enough hours in the day! I’ve not had time for much blog reading, but I have been trying to keep up with your vids – always enjoy them xx


  2. Love the hair – I had pink streaks in a while ago (they washed out quicker than red) and people here kept asking me if I was doing it for breast cancer and I felt a bit bad saying that in fact I just liked pink….
    love the car shot. My neighbour used to have one like that and she would give me a ride to school with my cello!!!

  3. Enjoyed this brought back quite a few memories for me. First film was Bambi cried my heart out. First kiss was rather horrendous. I was 12 and very young for my age and the best man at a wedding reception asked me if I was feeling warm. Innocently I said it was warm so he invited me outside as it would be cooler. He then lunged at me. Luckily my older brother must have followed us out and dragged me away. Still leaves me with feelings of revulsion, the guy must have been in his thirties.

  4. LOVE the pink hair Caroline. Fancy not being able to remember your first snog…mine was a boy from school behind my dad’s garage, aged 14. It wasn’t great as I remember.

  5. love the hair. I am not brave enough to do anything with mine. Also your eye shadow is fab. Really getting into watching the vlogs. I still love reading posts but I really get a kick out of people talking, it gives a voice to the words when you read them next.

    • Thanks, S, glad you’re enjoying the vlogs. Having blogged since 2008, I find myself increasingly drawn towards video now, as you’ve probably noticed from the lack of written posts. Ah well, a change is as good as a rest, as they say! Hope all is good with you.


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