Journal Jar Q. How Did Your Parents Meet, & When/ Where Did They Get Married?

Today, I am very excited to welcome my lovely mum, Suzanne, with a guest post.  When this question popped up in my Journal Jar, I thought it would be nice to ask Mum to answer it herself.  So, without further ado,  here she is …

Bill and I met in 1960.   He lived at HYELM Hostel (Hostel for Young Executives of Limited Means) in Hampstead, London, and I was at a secretarial college just down the road. Each week the hostel hosted a “Coffee Tavern” and the girls from my college would attend. Bill was the “Manager” of the evening which involved booking entertainment and organising the evening. One evening in February he announced that it was my 17th Birthday- I was most indignant as it was my 18th.

We got engaged in 1962 and married on August 10th 1963 at Swiss Cottage in London. I was 20 and Bill was 24.

We celebrated our Golden Anniversary in 2013 with a dinner for 19 of our family and friends


You can read about their Golden Wedding celebration in a blog post I wrote here. 

Thank you very much, Mum, for sharing those memories with us. x


12 thoughts on “Journal Jar Q. How Did Your Parents Meet, & When/ Where Did They Get Married?

  1. I loved hearing about the HYELM! – great name. What a stunning couple they were.
    My parents were married in Aug 1961…..sadly my Mum died three months before their Golden Wedding Anniversary.

  2. Lovely post Caroline and your mum of course ! Your mum and dad always look good when you post holiday pics etc,so nice to see them on their wedding day,they look very happy and so young as well .,although me and Tom were the same ,we met when i was 17,and Tom was 21,and when we got married in1976 i was 20 (nearly 21) and Tom was 25,we celebrate our ruby wedding anniversary next year .

  3. Hope to Caroline,not sure yet what that will be though ,our anniversary is in october ,but before that in february its my (dreaded ) 60th so just trying to decide how to celebrate !
    Love your new hair Colour ,very nice ! x

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