I’m Baaaa-aaaacckk!

I think this may have been the longest I’ve ever gone (since 2008) without posting on here – almost three weeks!  How time flies.

We had a fabulous holiday, but as always it’s nice to be home again.  I’ve been up to my eyes since I got home, but I just wanted to pop in and say hello, and show you a few holiday pics.


It’s always lovely to spend time with the whole family.


We had beautiful weather almost the whole holiday.


The hotel grounds were gorgeous.


Will found his ‘holiday place’ rather quickly, and spent the majority of his time sitting exactly here!


The resort had the most amazing swimming pool we’ve ever encountered.


The kids are growing up so fast.


Mum and Dad looking every inch the glam couple.


A little gambling.


An amazing private BBQ on the beach – magical.


A rare decent photo of the three of us together.  Why am I so bloody short?!


And a gorgeous beach (actually, it wasn’t that nice – this makes it look better than it really was.  Just to keep it real!

There will be a holiday vlog, but I’m not promising when, as it’s going take a LOT of editing.  Hopefully later on this week.

I must apologise for not having got around to everybody’s blog to read and comment, but again, hopefully this week.

I’ll leave you with a a very rambling vlog which I filmed on Friday.


22 thoughts on “I’m Baaaa-aaaacckk!

    • Yes, the more I watch that video, the more insane I come across! Situation normal, really! Thanks, Jo – fingers crossed, I think it’s heading in the right direction! x


  1. Good to see you back,glad you had a great holiday,the pics look great. I think the video shows you are keeping it real,real life,clothes drying (I have radiators full of socks and undies right now!) I dread the door knocking lol,I hope you get some much needed sleep, I have insomnia so I feel your pain! I hope you get the camera sorted too.The cinema room is amazing I love it, the curtains and cushions look great,I am in love with the doors,who wouldn’t want a cinema room given half a chance. You wouldn’t get me out of there! x Dawn

    • Thank you, Dawn – really enjoyed reading all your posts yesterday, too. Unfortunately, with the teenage son and his Xbox, and a husband with a sci fi addiction, I’m fighting a losing battle to even get into the cinema room LOL! x


  2. Welcome back…. Looks like you had a gorgeous time with the family, lovely pics 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
    Thrilled to see mum & dad looking so well & glam!
    Hope you are recovering from the jet lag and getting back to normal 😊
    Lots of love T x

  3. Nice to see you back! Your vacation looks wonderful. After such a lovely get away, who can blame you for a little “waffling”! Hope the jet lag wears off soon!

  4. So glad you had a great trip…that pool looked fabulous. I got a good chuckle at your struggle not to look at the camera screen. My Aunt Mary couldn’t carry on a conversation unless she was staring above your head…she was a nutter, alright. You, not so much. 🙂

  5. Good to see everyone happy and relaxed and enjoying their hols. I can see why Will bagged that space, it looks amazingly comfy.
    Lovely photo of the cousins together.
    Lisa x

  6. A great selection of photos Caroline ,looks like you all had an amazing holiday.Nice to have you back,seems like you were away for ages .Ive sent you an e-mail with a catch up of my news x

  7. Lovely photos Caroline, you all look happy and relaxed. I went to Dominican Rep. several times when I was a hostie but didn’t think much of it…if I’d have stayed at your hotel I might have a different opinion…it looks the height of luxury! x

    • Thanks, Fiona.. I was chatting to the hosties on the plane, and they were all quite looking forward to a three day stopover – one of the longest they have these days, so they said 🙂 >

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