Off On My Travels Again!

I don’t expect I’ll be here much – if at all – for the next couple of weeks, as we’re off on our annual big family holiday – this year to the Dominican Republic.

I’ll leave you with a trip through the toiletries and make-up that have made it into my final holiday cut!

See you soon!


12 thoughts on “Off On My Travels Again!

  1. Really enjoyed this and yes, please do a what’s in my carry-on vlog if you can.
    Thanks for showing us your make-up and doing swatches. I can’t wear pink, peach or nude lips – they make me look deathly ill, I have to have a stronger colour usually plumy/purplely.
    Have a fab time!

  2. Yes, another vote for What’s in your Carry-on! I was quite sad to see that you’ll be gone for a few weeks but immensely cheered by this lovely long vlog and some great products there. For problem nails, try these: – I had fabulous results when my nails were in a shocking state. Looks like you can get them on Amazon too. Have a fabulous time and we can’t wait to hear all about it.

  3. Think you have every possibility covered here Caroline ,i love the DKNY delicious perfumes ,its a lovely fresh scent especially in hot temps.Enjoy your holiday and hope you do do a carry-on vlog x

  4. You must have taken a hold suitcase just for these items! Interested in the Clarins sunscreen. I need a srong sunscreen living in Spain but one that Isn’t greasy. I too need a bright lipstick otherwise I look ill.

  5. I love mineral make up too so much better for your skin than thick foundation. Cant wait to hear how you get on with the Evelom stuff too, I have some too but haven’t started using it yet! Hope you had a great holiday xx

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