Better Late Than Never – Sunday Car Booty #18

Friday morning, and I’m finally catching up a bit!  William’s gone off to Geneva on a school trip today, and I had to drop him at school at 6.20 am, so I’ve made an early start.  I’m a bit envious – I’ve never been to Switzerland, and it’s one of the places on my ever-growing list that I’d love to visit.

I’m sure he’ll have a fantastic time.

Anyway, without further ado, here are some of last week’s second hand finds …


8 thoughts on “Better Late Than Never – Sunday Car Booty #18

    Orvis is quite expensive over there – that is a good profit. Hope you do well with the brown coat too!

  2. Thanks for the tip about the Orvis jacket – have never heard of the make but will keep my eyes open for them now – glad to hear you made such excellent profits with both of them.

    Ah, Switzerland, a truly beautiful country. I may be a bit biased as that is where P hails from but I can highly recommend a visit and I hope William has a lovely time there.

    • Thank you, Elizabeth – they’re only there for three days, but they seem to be packing a lot into their time the United Nations, various museums, a boat trip on the lake, the Hadron Collider, to name but a few. I imagine he’ll be quite exhausted by the time he gets back! Your nephew must be growing up now, how quickly the years go by.


      • Hi Caroline – Yes, my nephew is now 12, in his second year at senior school, and is taller than me (he absolutely towers over both his Mum and his Grandma). It seems no time at all since he was small enough to carry round in my arms and had an obsession with diggers. I can’t believe he’ll be a teenager soon – with all that will entail – and his obsession these days is hideously violent computer games!!

  3. More good buys there Caroline, i think you did amazing to get out of bed at all ,early on a sunday morning if you were suffering a hangover !Must have been a good night lol !
    Hope William enjoys Geneva ,its an odd feeling when they go somewhere you haven’t ,and not with you either .I felt like that when Dave went to Australia.and Jen to Dubai .
    Have a good weekend x

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