Edit Add & Appreciate Monday #4

Here’s the thing.

I want to do it all, I really do.  Keep the blog as active as it’s always been.  Continue making videos and exploring YouTube further.  Continue growing my business, keep my home nice, do my part-time job to the best of my ability (my hours have recently been increased, not through my own desire, but such is life), read all the books, watch all the films, cook all the recipes I’ve torn out of magzines, spend quality time with my friends and family … and so on.

And, you know what?  I just can’t.  There is just too much that needs doing, and that to do list never seems to stop growing.

So, that was a roundabout way of saying that there is no writing to go with today’s Edit Add and Appreciate, because I don’t have time to write it.  Sorry.  Forgive me for the lack of written content of late, I know it’s not what I promised, and it will be back.  But I just need a bit of time to gather my thoughts and catch up a bit.


8 thoughts on “Edit Add & Appreciate Monday #4

  1. I know exactly how you feel – life is really crazy these days! Written or vlog – love your chatty missives however you can manage them. Hope your week goes well.

  2. Since ive been working four days a week i’m finding it difficult to keep on top of things and can totally relate to the tidying up the kitchen before bed ! I agree100% that its nice to come down to a tidy kitchen but after preparing ,and cooking a meal after work ,once you have sat and eaten the meal its so tempting to leave it all until later .Our central heating has gone on today.
    Have a good week Caroline x

  3. I think you do very well fitting in everything you do as it is but I know what you mean about time management,I waste a lot of time and have so many to do’s around the house and I always say I don’t have time but it I take stock I actually do have the time. I make notes each night of what I want to achieve the next day and it is a great motivator but sometimes other “stuff” gets in the way. You make up looks nice in the video, I have two button necklaces,one multi one red,your is fab!
    great v-log, I always look forward to yours.
    x Dawn

  4. Blimey don’t apologize for lack of written content Caroline, you are far more prolific than me. Actually I’ve just dashed off a post as I felt bad for neglecting my blog recently.
    You always look so glamorous…do you wear make-up every day? I can’t be arsed. I always wear it for work, I just wouldn’t feel professional without it, but for days at home or popping down the Co-op I don’t bother. Have a good week. x

  5. When work increases it always impacts on other areas.
    It’s good being busy, but not rushed busy, it’s hard work getting the balance right isn’t it.
    Lisa x

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