Vlog: Chatty Day In The Life

Phew – back from hol on Tuesday and my feet haven’t touched the ground since.  I do have some written posts planned, so apologies to those who prefer the written word, but it’s another video in the meantime, until I have time to put finger to keyboard, so to speak!


11 thoughts on “Vlog: Chatty Day In The Life

  1. I really enjoy watching your videos. You are very much like myself.
    You really fit in so much throughout your day.
    Please video your next holiday, it’s so interesting.
    This was just a short message to say, “hi”!

    • Hi Nicola – thanks for watching and for taking the time to comment. I must admit this was a good day in terms of getting stuff done – some days are not so much!! I will definitely do a vlog of our next holiday, maybe even split it into parts, as it might be too long all in one. Nice to ‘meet’ you, hope you have a great weekend 🙂

  2. Caroline, it is comforting to know that you have a busy first day after your holidays just like me. It usually takes me about a week to get completely straight and feel organised. I look forward to your holiday post and am pleased you had a lovely holiday.

    • Hi Lesley – I had to hit the ground running this time, as we’re away again in a fortnight! You’re right, usually it’s about a week. Your holiday looked lovely, too – that villa with the roof terrace certainly looked a good option for your next trip – gorgeous! Have a great weekend 🙂

  3. Nice to have you back Caroline ,and back in full force ! I love how you face the camera with no make up etc putting yourself out there ,fair play to you,and then you reappear bright as a daisy,you did look tired at the end ,but then you had done so much during the day .I bet William was happy to have you back ,did he stay on his own while you were away ?
    Hope the rest of the week went to plan ,wont be long before your next holiday. Loved your bag and sandals ,so nice x

    • Thank you, Lyn. Must say I don’t particularly enjoy filming without make-up, but it wouldn’t be a true ‘day in the life’ without being warts and all, so to speak, so I grit my teeth and get on with it! When we go away, we have a house sitter, one of the lads who works for Ashley, who’s in his mid-20s. We’ve known him for years, and he still lives with his parents, so he loves coming to stay here and getting away from home for a bit, and we get the pets and the house looked after, so it’s win/win. So Callum came to stay and just kept an eye on Will and took him to school. I think they had a whale of a time, actually – it was kind of like having a big brother which was rather nice for him. Have a great weekend x


  4. I love your cheery welcome’s ,you certainly do keep busy, I am glad you ad a great holiday and I think it is nice to have a just the two of you break.Nice break for Will too not having the parents at home! x Dawn
    P.S I did watch this 2 days ago on my phone but I can only comment from my laptop which at the moment has to be attached to the internet by cable because the wi fi on it has been disabled and I have to sit upstairs in the office/craftroom to use it.

  5. Thats a great arrangement Caroline,you should check Will’s thumbs and eyes as bet the x box / play station has been on overtime lol! No seriously its nice for Will and Callum ,to have that bit of freedom ,and you and Ashley dont have to worry .so maybe you will have more hols just the two of you x

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