Edit, Add & Appreciate Monday #3

Morning, all!

Another week and time for another EAA post.

Read, watch or a combination of the two – whatever takes your fancy!

Last Week

Edit – My Wardrobe.  Success – did this fairly early on in the week and got rid of a big bag to the charity shop, another few items for eBay, and a couple for the bin.  Tick!

Add – Filling in my Q&A 5 Year Diary.  I’ve been doing this each evening before bed and really enjoying it.  I shall definitely be continuing with this.

Appreciate – Having a less busy week and a bit more time.  Hmmm, didn’t happen – my feet didn’t touch the ground all week.  Really looking forward to a chilled out week in Greece this week.

Next Week

As I mention in the video, I’m not setting any EAA goals this week because I’m going to be on holiday, and the only goal therefore is to relax and enjoy!

I won’t be back home until late on Tuesday next week, so I’m setting my EAA goals for next week in advance – here they are:

Edit – unhealthy food and booze.  Time for a bit of a detox in the two week break between holidays, I think!

Add – Planning my days in advance.  I feel I’m being reactive as opposed to proactive when it comes to time management, and I want to spend a few minutes first thing each morning planning how I’m going to manage the day ahead.

Appreciate – my bed.  I always love getting back into my own bed after being away, and I’m going to make sure I get enough sleep every night.

Have a great week, everybody!


4 thoughts on “Edit, Add & Appreciate Monday #3

  1. Have a great time,I have tried to reply to your post all week but it wouldn’t let me,kept getting logged out.It is so nice to come home to a comfy bed with fresh bedding. Dawn x

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