Edit, Add & Appreciate Monday #2

The choice is yours – read the words, or watch the video!  Or both, if you’re a real glutton for punishment!!

If you didn’t read last week’s post and you’d like to know what EAA is all about, click here.

So first of all, how did last week’s goals go?

Edit – I enjoyed my week off from Facebook, and I didn’t miss it at all.  It probably helped that I uninstalled the app from both my phone and iPad, as there was less temptation to click on it out of habit.  I’ve decided to extend this for another week.

Add – Looking after my nails.  This was a moderate success, and although it’s going to take longer than a week to improve the state of my nails, sadly, I feel I’ve made a good start by getting back into the habit of oiling them every night and morning.

Appreciate – my paintings.  Bit of a fail this. I’m afraid that an extremely busy week, followed by a weekend away, meant that this just didn’t get the time it deserved.

This week:

Edit – my wardrobe.  Time for a good clear out, and with the changing season, a good time to do it, I think.

Add – filling in my new Q&A five year diary every evening before bed.

Appreciate – I’m going to try again with last week’s goal to enjoy my paintings a bit more.  And also to appreciate having a less busy week than last week – the diary is somewhat clearer this coming week, so I’m hoping to catch a breath, and enjoy some at-home time.


6 thoughts on “Edit, Add & Appreciate Monday #2

  1. I bought that exact Q&A journal for myself a little over a month ago! I haven’t been perfect at filling it in, but it is a fun little thing to do. I keep it bedside and try to do it nights, but think maybe I need to move it and try a different time of day for it.

  2. Love this series of posts, I know exactly what you mean about looking but not seeing,we buy some things because they are lovely to look at but when do we actually take the time to really see them? we may walk past a photograph,painting or a decorative item maybe ten times a day and it is there but it blends in with our surroundings.
    I did my wardrobe clear our just before my holiday as I knew we would be coming back to chilly weather and I am glad I did,I don’t think I have been warm for more than one day since!
    I have a couple of main wardrobes for everyday clothing and a seasonal/dressy one,I swapped whatever I knew to be summer only clothes over and left some transitional stuff,I found my old faithful, around the house slouchy cardigans that I put on if I am chilly and had a good sort out for the charity shop or e-bay. It felt good to so organised,although I forgot I had got rid of my comfy casual black ankle boots that I wear under jeans or trousers as they had seen better days so am going to replace them next week. Looking forward to seeing your next video.
    X Dawn

    • That reminds me – I need new black ankle boots, too! My no-buy September has gone really well, I haven’t given in at all. Feel some shopping coming on soon, though!! x


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