Video: Current Favourites – September 2015


9 thoughts on “Video: Current Favourites – September 2015

  1. Ashley and Wiliam’s film tastes sound just like Vic and Sophia’s whereas you and I like the same type of film. One of the last times we went out to the cinema, I said I’ll see anything as long as it didn’t have a vampire, a werewolf, a robot, or a superhero in it! That being said, we also all enjoyed The Imitation Game. The book sounds intriguing, will have to check that out? Has Home Fires been on your TV yet – the story of the WI in World War II – it’s coming here soon and that always follows airing in the UK.

  2. As you know I loved The New Woman, one of the best books I have read. Recently seen The Judge with Robert Downey Jr. Definitely a recommendation. Think a visit to the Body Shop is needed on my next UK visit!

    • Oh yes, the Body Shop have some great new product lines that I’ve been reading about recently. When my no-buy September is over, I’ll be heading there myself. They also do some amazing online discount codes.


  3. We as a family enjoyed watching The Imitation Game as well Caroline .I’m reading Jasmine Nights by Julia Gregson ,its a ww2 story,the main character being a singer sent to entertain the troops in Cairo,she then moves on to Turkey and gets invoved helping the British Secret service. I’m not that far into it but enjoying it .
    I took advantage of The Body Shop on line offer,and purchased the Drops of Youth serum for £15 free p and p ,have not used it yet though .(offer was spend £25 get £10 off with free postage ,brilliant ! ) I like your eye make up Caroline ,bet you can’t remember what it is ?!

    • I can, for a change! It’s Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Taupe (I think that’s the name) in the cream, and Make Up Rev ‘Base’ on the lid. Black eyeshadow as liner (can’t remember which one, I’m afraid!) and Seventeen Falsify HD Mascara (which I can’t decide whether or not I like, as it seems to give me terrible panda eyes after a few hours, but looks nice initially!). I’ve read the Julia Gregson book, thought it was just OK, but I really enjoyed her previous one, East of the Sun, set in India. Have a great week x


  4. Thank you for the eyeshadow info Caroline,i’m going to look for them next time i go in Superdrug !i have read East of the Sun ,few years ago now but enjoyed it ,i think she has a new book out next year ,The Monsoon Marriage.

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