Sunday Car Booty – Almost a Week Late!

I told you I was playing catch-up in my last post – this is how far behind I am!  Last Sunday’s car booty – and it was a corker, I must say.


10 thoughts on “Sunday Car Booty – Almost a Week Late!

  1. A-may-zing haul, Caroline, that’ll take a while to list. Like Fiona, I’m particularly impressed with the Dr Hauscka/Ren finds – 20p each, unbelievable.

    I know you often pick up Weight Watchers items and when I came across a bundle for £2.00 at a boot sale the other week (I say boot sale, there were four cars in a church car park!!) I thought I’d give it a punt. They sold the very next day for £12.50, so thanks for bringing those to my attention. I’ve also very tentatively stuck my toe (no pun intended) in listing shoes. I’ve only speculated on a pair of Converse All Stars for the time being as my sister informed me that they cost £55.00 new and that a pair for £3.99 in the charity shop were well worth buying – so I did. I’ll be interested to see if / when they sell – they’ve only been listed for a day and already have a few watchers so fingers’ crossed.

    • Hi Elizabeth – ooh, let me know how the shoe sales go. I’ve got two pairs of kids Converse on at the moment, they’re proving a little bit slow, though maybe it’s the time of year, and everybody’s thinking about sturdy winter shoes and boots. Slimming World is another good bet – always worth picking up when you see them.


      • Hi Caroline, The Converse All Stars sold within 24 hours. Buoyed by my success with those I found a BNWT pair of Cath Kidston plimsolls which were marked up at £9.99 in a charity shop but when I expressed an interest they let me have them for £6.99. They were listed on ebay as soon as I got home and also sold within 24 hours. Needless to say, I’m now keeping a look out for any other likely looking shoes to list on ebay.

  2. Brilliant – makes my few bargains look a bit tame. However I did find some lovely boxed soaps – love nice soaps for 50p and the same box was £5.99in TKMax. Also Avon gel like polishes for a £1 and a collection of puzzles for grandson as we look after him quite a lot. Never have too many puzzles..

  3. Wow Caroline that is an amazing car booty even by your standards ,in fact i would imagine it could be a personal best !
    I’m playing catch up reading your posts and just just sitting here in awe at all your purchases ,usually you begin with your shoe haul and so when we saw all the other stuff first i thought it was a shoe free week,silly me lol.So i.m just thinking what a lovely selection of goodies you have,all in perfect condition (the pretty post it notes are lovely ) and then the shoe collection began,i cant believe you get such good brand shoes in such brand new condition for the prices you pay,so well done you .
    Yesterday i went to a shoe oulet place a friend had recommended ,bit of a strange place they sell brand new shoes, some seconds shoes excellent names like Jones the bootmakers ,kurt Geiger ,Dunne etc and then some that frankly look fit for the bin ! Ladies shoes were all a fiver but as i was looking at them ,i thought ,well ive seen better at Carolies car boot sales !Saying that i had two pairs of x Dunne shoes £5 each one in black, one a pinky nude colour a slip on kitten heel quite nice, and Tom came away with Timberland and Ted Baker shoes £17 each (seconds or returns but nothing noticable ) Ladies boots were £25,so cheaper than the shops but not quite as good as what you get them for !
    Just thought Caroline its sunday morning and im just watching last sundays buys,so i bet you have even more from todays !

  4. I’m catching up on your posts as well this morning. What a haul! If you’re not really attached to those Post-It notes, I’d try listing them with the words planner stickers in the description – the planner industry has absolutely exploded – perhaps more via Etsy than Ebay but savvy shoppers will no doubt check both. You could say “Floral Post-It notes would make excellent planner stickers” or something like that. I’m off to run some errands and then will be back for the rest of the vlogs. Happy Sunday!

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