What A Difference A Spray Makes!

I am chasing my tail – the to do list is getting longer, and I’m constantly playing catch-up.  All part of working for yourself and getting a new business off the ground, and I’m certainly not moaning about it, as things are going swimmingly well so far (touch wood!).

But this little blog has been suffering a bit – I certainly haven’t been here as much as I would have liked to, and I can’t see that changing too much over the next couple of months to be honest, what with work and two holidays coming up.  So if you don’t mind, I’m going to let myself off the hook a bit, and while I’ll still post on here, it is likely to be more sporadic than you’re used to.  I’ll still be on You Tube, so if you’d like to get notifications when I put up a new video, click the link in the right hand sidebar and subscribe to my channel.

Anyway, onto the subject at hand – today I wanted to show you a small change we’ve made in our dining room, to the chandelier.  It was here when we moved in, and is obviously very expensive and good quality, but it just isn’t really to our taste – I’m not a fan of gold light fittings, and there are a LOT of them in this house!

Photo 26-07-2015 12 00 40 (1)

So we decided to take it apart and spray it black.

Taking it apart was fine, if a bit fiddly – every single glass droplet had to be individually removed.

Spraying it was fairly easy, too – we used a spray can of matte black paint suitable for metal and heat proof.

Putting it back together, though?  Ha – not so easy.  I’m very glad I had the forethought to take photos of the different stages of taking it apart as without them, I’m not sure we’d ever have managed to get it back together!

But we’re really pleased with the finished product – and although we’ll probably replace it eventually when we get around to decorating the lounge and dining room, it’s much more in keeping with our taste now than it was previously.

Photo 05-09-2015 18 17 49 (1)

What do you think?  Yay or nay?


13 thoughts on “What A Difference A Spray Makes!

  1. It alters the look of the whole thing, silly thing to say, but it really does.
    The glass balls seem to be able to shine more purely as they don’t have a golden glow about them.
    Huge improvement.
    Lisa x

  2. I have spent many a hours putting together chandeliers when working for my dad at his lighting showroom, and HATE, HATE gold light fittings too, so it’s a massive ‘thumbs up’ from me! P.s. Looking forward to seeing you next week for coffee! Xx

  3. Love the new look chandelier Caroline,good decision and good idea to take pictures to help put it back together .Can fully understand your blog posts having to become less frequent (,im struggling to keep up with things now working four days a week),will miss them ,hopefully after your holidays normal service will be resumed .x

    • Hi Lyn – have dedicated some time over this weekend to a bit of blog planning so it feels bit more under control now! Look out for a new blog/vlog series starting tomorrow 🙂


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