Vlog: Chatting & Shopping

Hope everybody’s having a lovely Bank Holiday weekend.  It’s pouring with rain here, so I’m planning a very lazy rest of Sunday!


10 thoughts on “Vlog: Chatting & Shopping

  1. So many lovely things – that’s an understatement! Marks & Spencer is truly the most fabulous place – so disappointed that they closed the Canadian stores now that we’ve moved so close to the border. Loved everything you bought – must take an empty suitcase on my next trip to the UK for an M&S haul. Happy Birthday!!

  2. It was nice to join you around M and S Caroline,i love everything in there,usually on the three for two offers i get to the check out and when going through find ive got two from the one price range and one from higher think i must shop in a day dream !Coincidence ive been using that revlon crayon lipbalm this summer and agree it has good staying power.ive used it on its own and liked it but like you i apply a lip gloss as well and its that good mines almost finished ,will definately re purchase !

  3. OMG I SO MISS M&S and that was both good and bad to watch it! Want all the food and loved so much in the home department too! Hope you had a great birthday!!!

  4. I really like your Marks and Spencer. It reminds me of Wegmam, a food store here in the States that sells yummy unique food items. Hope you enjoy your birthday feast!

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