Life Last Week: Bests & Worsts


1.   Will’s new job.  I think I mentioned either in a blog post or a vlog recently, that Will was waiting to hear about a job at the local solicitors, where he’d done work experience last term.  I’m pleased to report that they finally got it sorted for him, and he’s been really enjoying himself.  He’s just started his final full week there before school starts again next week.

2.   BBQ.  We hosted a barbecue last weekend for a bunch of friends and their teenagers who we met through Will’s primary school many years ago.  It was lovely to catch up with everybody, the rain held off, and we all had a really nice evening, with lots of reminiscing about when the kids were little.

3.   Taunton Day Out.  My best friend and I had a lovely day out in Taunton together last week to celebrate both our birthdays this month.  Although we we decided it wasn’t a place we’d want to revisit, we enjoyed a browse around the shops, a few glasses of vino and a nice meal.  It’s always nice to take a day out of our busy schedules just to spend time together, and it’s become an annual tradition now.  I wonder where we’ll end up next year?

4.   Reliable Tradesmen.   I have a flat that is rented out to tenants, which is 100 miles from where we live now.  Finding tradesmen when things need fixing is always a problem from 100 miles away, but just recently I’ve found some really nice, helpful, genuine people through the Checkatrade website, who have done a great job, on time, kept me informed and not charged the earth.  Win!


1.   Guests Not Turning Up.  One of the couples invited to our above-mentioned barbecue did not turn up.  Or let us know they weren’t coming.  Or apologise afterwards.  They’d accepted the invitation weeks in advance, and I text them the day before to confirm the start time and that we would be going ahead whatever the weather.   They replied to the text saying they were looking forward to it.  And then didn’t turn up.  I haven’t heard another thing from them.  How unbelievably rude.

2.   New Computer Problems.  My old iMac was past its best, so I replaced it with a shiny new one last week.  I won’t bore you with the details, but suffice to say I lost the best part of a week trying to iron out annoying glitchy tech issues that really should not happen when you migrate from one Mac to another.  It’s still not completely sorted.  Grrr.

3.   The ‘Summer’ Weather  It has rained every day for the last week, here in Devon.  It’s been dark, cloudy and generally miserable.  I can’t wait to go away on holiday – how I loathe the British weather.


15 thoughts on “Life Last Week: Bests & Worsts

  1. I’m glad your “bests” list has more item than the “worst” list! That is always good. Glad to here Will’s job worked out. I was wondering how that went. Annoying about the guest who never showed. I’ve had that happen also and I always think “How hard is it to send a note?” Sometimes I wonder if common curtesy is a thing of the past. I certainly hope not! Enjoy your week. I will send all the excessive sunshine we have been having here to you in exchange for some of your rain! My lawn has turned brown from lack of rain!

    • Hi Nancy – am terribly envious of all your sunshine. You’re right about the guests – in this day and age there is simply no excuse, with all the ways we have of communicating. Have a great week – C 🙂


  2. Great news about Will 🙂 I’m must say I’d be utterly stumped at friends not at least texting to say they couldn’t make it – how weird (& rude) Ahh well, their loss!! Hope you have a great week ahead, lets hope for a bit of sun *sigh* XXX

  3. Oh that annoys me so much – the RSVP yes and then the no shows. And no excuse. Awful. I am still cross about the gifts we got for teachers as we finished school in June and those who could not even email a thanks/acknowledgement in the 12 weeks since. Very telling. What is this teen age getting out of bed before 12 you speak of? Glad he is enjoying the job after the left him hanging so long!!

  4. Great news about Will’s job, hope he continues to enjoy it.
    Lots of lovely good things, glad the day out was a success, a couple of glasses of wine always helps!
    Lisa x

  5. Good to hear about Will’s employment…I wonder what the money is going on?
    People are so rude. I arranged a small drinks party for my birthday, just about 12-15 friends and family. In the email invite I highlighted RSVP in bold red letters but still four ‘friends’ failed to reply.
    As another four or five who did reply couldn’t make it, I cancelled my soirée and went out instead.
    I didn’t bother to inform the invited guests who’d failed to reply, as I was so pissed off.

    • Don’t blame you, Fiona – so rude, isn’t it? Will’s job, unfortunately, is unpaid – because he’s only 15 he needs some sort of work permit, apparently, and they left it so long to organise, there wasn’t time to get him one. He feels it’s good experience for his CV, and is keen to do it, so I guess that’s what matters really – although I’m not quite sure I’d have been so motivated at that age for no hard cash at all!! They have indicated to Ashley that there will be some sort of ‘payment’, however, at the end of this week, so that’s good. >

  6. Great that Will is working Caroline, Ella has been working too through the summer at a holiday park and is realising the importance of responsibility, albeit for a measly wage, but at least she is understanding the concept of her time and effort = result, it’s all too easy to hand it too them, but there is no pride in that, and I hope she realises her worth! But, on that note, I think you may have a contender, as she absolutely loves her charity shop ‘finds’! Her hard work has resulted in a need for a bargain as she knows how hard she works for her money! Xx

    • You’re right, Sarah, it’s a great way for them to understand their own worth and to realise the value of money. Can’t believe how grown up they all are now! x


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