Sunday Car Booty

It’s a measure of how my week’s gone that I have finally, on Friday evening, managed to edit and upload last Sunday’s car boot sale haul!


8 thoughts on “Sunday Car Booty

  1. Those Adidas Sambas are quite expensive over here at least so i hope you get a good price. Do you know, I have never heard of boots with a wider calf option but it makes perfect sense – I have difficulty finding those.
    Question: How on EARTH do you carry all the stuff you buy? Do you go back to your car to drop it off or do you have a Sherpa? All those shoes must take some carrying….. I have never seen a Car boot sale over here but some people have ‘garage sales’ where they literally sell their stuff out of their garage. We are not allowed those where we live – nor are we allowed a washing line….oh the list goes on. Madness.

  2. I was gonna ask the same thing – how on earth do you carry it all, I have visions of you dashing back and forth to deposit stuff in your car.
    Love the spotty skirt and the white hush puppies!

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