Just a very quick post to say sorry for the lack of posts this last week – life has just got in the way of blogging, as it has a habit of doing occasionally.

I lost a day and a half this week due to new iMac teething problems – don’t you HATE getting a new computer?!  So I’ve been frantically playing catch-up since then, particularly as I have my annual birthday day out with my BF tomorrow – we’re off to Taunton for the day.

I’m calling this week a write-off as far as blogging is concerned, but rest assured there are posts and vlogs bubbling away in the pipeline, and I shall be back with a bang very shortly.

Hope you’re all having a fabulous summer (she says, ironically, having spent the entire day with the lights on, looking out at driving rain and black cloud – gotta love August in England, eh?!).



12 thoughts on “M.I.A.

  1. Ahhh Ireland’s the same Caroline… everything is squelching over here! lol Ooooh lucky lucky you for getting a sparkly new iMac… cannot tell you how much I would love one of those! Good luck with ironing out the teething problems – I’m sure it’ll all be grand in the end 😉 Test of nerves & patience! lol Have a great week & HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! ❤ XXXXXX

  2. Ugh, a new computer, such a pain. I’ve been having a tough time keeping up with my blogging now that I’m working. Must put my new planner to good use and get blog posting time built into the evenings and weekends and then schedule them to run. Have a great day out with your BF and looking forward to hearing all about it.

  3. Hope you have a lovely day out in Taunton. I’ve been through there many, many times on the train but have never actually visited so I’ll be very interested to hear what it’s like. Yup, ain’t the weather total pants this summer – I had to put socks on yesterday as it was so chilly.

    • Taunton was OK, but I don’t think I’d rush back there – we enjoyed our trips to Bath and to Cheltenham a lot more than we did Taunton. Still, you never know until you visit these places, I guess. Dreadful weather again today – and no let up for the weekend, it seems – so depressing.


  4. Hope you had a great day out with your friend in Taunton and that all problems have disappeared.
    Today’s supposed to be a scorcher so hope you enjoy the sun for this summer day at least!
    Lisa x

  5. Caroline i have had a weeks self imposed ban on my laptop,initially it was only for last weekend but extended it until now, as needed to get back on track with real life ,as you say and not getting distracted and loosing hours on line !Thank you for surprise email,i will reply in next few days,its rude of me not to have replied before now ,a casualty of me not picking my lap top up sorry.I caught up with a tv programme today that i think you may find interesting it was on wednesday night 9 pm Britain’s Spending Secrets with Anne Robinson ,i found it fascinating.Hope you are enjoying your new computer now all the boring technology side of it sorted,and day out with friend sounded good .Have a good week.

    • Hi Lynn – well done on the ban, I always feel like my arm’s been cut off when I don’t have my computer available 24/7! Terrible, eh?! Will look up the Spending Secrets programme – thanks for the recommendation. I seem to remember seeing a trailer for it, and it looked good. 🙂


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