Currently: August



I’ve just started this book, by one of my longtime favourite authors, and it looks as though it’s going to be a good read.


Ashley’s Lana Del Rey CD is in my car for some reason, and every time I switch on the engine, she starts her miserable wailing, for about two seconds until I switch over to the radio. By the time I get to wherever I’m going, I’ve forgotten the damn thing is in there – I must remember to take it out. Talk about depressing.



I am absolutely glued to Scandal on USA Netflix at the moment. I’ve just finished the third season, and it really is one of those series when I find myself saying ‘oh, just one more episode, then …’ It’s been the cause of many late nights since we got back from holiday!



In an effort to streamline my morning routine, I’ve decided to pick one eye shadow palette to use each week, rather than flitting from one to the other each day. This week’s choice is this one, which is a dupe of the much more expensive (and difficult to get hold of in the UK) Lorac Pro Palette.

Frequently Worn Outfits/Items

Pastel coloured jeans and black tops seem to be my summer uniform this year.   The weather’s been pretty changeable here, not many floaty summer dresses in evidence!



We’ve been enjoying tapas style eating in the evenings lately. Lots of snacky type things rather than a big meal. It just seems to suit us all at the moment.  We did have a delicious fish pie on Sunday evening, though, to use up lots of bits of fish we had floating around in the freezer.


Mostly water. I cut down on tea and coffee hugely during the summer, without even trying to.


Rubbish summer weather. Raining cats and dogs this morning.


11355820_1157913594223484_1369217804_nSilver toenails and tanned legs. Shallow, I know, but they’re just making me happy.


We’re having a BBQ this coming Saturday for a group of friends who were all parents of kids in Will’s primary school class. There will be about 20 of us in total, parents and kids. Lazily, I’m replicating the exact food and drinks menu I did for the last party we had, a couple of months ago, for Ashley’s staff, which was a similar number of people and went down well.


I haven’t had time to even think about browsing any shopping websites since getting back from holiday, so my wishlist is pretty non-existent at the moment. I do have a Pinterest beauty product wishlist board, though, which I’m always adding to.

Random Thought

Eye test this afternoon – I wonder if I’m going to need glasses or not?


18 thoughts on “Currently: August

  1. I want to wear my summer dresses, but they haven’t seen the light of day. The short hot spell we had in June I was on nights and completely missed it.
    I’ve had to wear glasses since I was 9 and feel naked without them!

    • Yes, summer is a bit of a damp squib all round this year, isn’t it – disappointing. I’m on the cusp of needing glasses – the optician said I could choose whether or not to have them, so I chose not to at this stage. It’s not going to be long before I have to succumb, though! x

  2. I just got that Jane Green book from the library too but totally different cover – much prefer the UK one. If you do need glasses keep them safe. I just mislaid mine and it was $600 to replace them and they are not even fancy ones!! I need them for reading really – I have bi-focals (now without a visible join in the lense) so I can also use them for tv or whatever – I am due to get re-tested in September and will be keen to see if my eyesight has got worse – I fear it has…. oh so downhill after 40!!!

    • Got away without having to have glasses – but I’m not sure how long for, I feel it will be before my next test is due in two years. OMG, getting old – I can’t abide it!

  3. I like the cover to that book, never read anything by this author though, new one to me.
    I haven’t heard of the series you are watching, but it’s great when you really get stuck into a series, we used to watch House and that was a case of ‘ok just one more’!
    I think if you’ve hit on a winning formula for your menu and drinks then keep to it, not lazy at all.
    Have fun in all you do.
    Lisa x

  4. I see in your Pininterest list you have Kiko foundation. I can recommend their eye and lip make up remover. Cheap but fantastic. I wear long lasting lipstick due to all the cheek kissing in Spain and it is the only thing that gets it off smoothly without rubbing.

  5. I have only read two of Jane Green books,The Beach House and Life Swap but intend to read more.Have you seen her instagram Caroline ,if not i think you will like it,its so lovely,beautiful pictures and interesting nuggetts of information to accompany them.
    Hope the weather is kind for your bbq on saturday,fingers crossed and that you all enjoy good food and a few cheeky glasses of wine .

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