Video: How I Stay Organised

Something a bit different this week – a chatty video about how I keep myself, my home, my famliy and my work organised.  Alternatively titled ‘Keeping All the Balls in the Air!”


13 thoughts on “Video: How I Stay Organised

  1. This was very interesting. I commend you on keeping yourself on track so well. I like to make list too but I don’t always remember and often end up with those “scrappy little pieces of paper” you mentioned! I agree that paper list are more convient than apps. I feel the same way about paper books vs e-readers.

    • Thanks, Nancy – don’t think I’ll ever make the switch to electronic lists, I love my pretty notebooks and the visual aspect of seeing everything laid out on a page too much 🙂

  2. I am so so pleased that you have PAPER planners etc. Hubby and kids always tell me I am Victorian as I refuse to get all my calendar events on my phone – and I don’t want to ‘sync’ with them that way either….. I love the fact you are as ‘old school’ as me (but way more organised)…..

  3. I am a paper person too! I have a spiral ‘shorthand’ notebook which I use as my daily To Do list. I tick things off when they are done, and if anything is not achieved I put it on the list for the next day. I also use it for notes during phone calls (mobile phone company, tax man etc) which means I can refer back if necessary. I also have a ‘real’ diary. My husband thinks I live in the dark ages because he does it all online, but I think you can’t go wrong with a piece of paper. 🙂

  4. Oh paper for me too. I’m a list maker and like the satisfaction of crossing things off as I complete them.
    Also as I do shift work I have to carry a (small pocket) diary with me at all times or I don’t know whether I’m coming or going, especially as we often get asked to change shift at short notice.

    • I often think I’d like to carry my diary round with me, but it’s too big, and if I got a smaller one, I think I’d end up muddled, with half my stuff in one diary and half in another!

  5. Planners have exploded here in the USA. I am amazed at the variety and there’s a whole industry featuring embellishments for the inside. I’ll try to get a post up this weekend with some photos. I’m hooked and will soon need my local chapter of Planners Anonymous.

  6. OMG, compared to you I am so unorganized. I have a long slim calendar for recording my shifts, birthdays and appointments and a small notebook for shopping and To Do lists. Blog posts happen on the spur of the moment when I have time and inspiration! If I don’t have my notebook with me I will use the memo app on my phone but it usually pisses me off by reverting to the main screen. So it’s paper preferably and always will be, I suspect.

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