Life Last Week: Bests & Worsts


1.   Catching up with Faye, my best friend, for dinner, wine and a good old gossip.  We also planned our annual day trip which has become tradition every August, to celebrate both our birthdays: this year we’re going to Taunton.

2.   A night away in Somerset at a Woodlands Country House Hotel to celebrate my brother’s birthday.  It was lovely to catch up with the family, as we hadn’t got together for a while, and we spent the afternoon sitting chatting in the sunshine over cream tea, followed by a delicious dinner in the restaurant.


Photo 01-08-2015 21 04 51

3.   My new cleaning lady!  With the increased hours involved in my job, and having recently got rid of Sky TV, I felt I could justify having a cleaner for the first time since I gave up full-time work when William was born.  She’s only coming one afternoon a fortnight (the cost works out to almost the exact same as the Sky TV bill!), but oh my goodness, it was so lovely to have a clean and fresh house after she’d finished last week.  I will continue to clean my own loos, however, as getting somebody else to do that horrible job just doesn’t sit quite right with me.


There’s only one ‘worst’ this week.  A Christmas card display in one of my local shops …. in JULY.  Grrr grr grr grrr grrr.  Bearing in mind I am, at best, ambivalent about Christmas, I really think this is unnecessary.

Photo 28-07-2015 09 46 47


17 thoughts on “Life Last Week: Bests & Worsts

  1. Thats a reminder for me to get my husbands and daughters birthday cards (december birthdays) as once the christmas cards go on display ,very limited choice in cards for other occasions.That is just crazy however ,i hope no one was buying them !
    what a lovely time you had with family ,and even the sun put in an apppearance for you ,hopefully we will be getting more sunny days.

  2. Now that is depressing! Do you think they do it just to wind people up?! Though surely even the thought of Christmas cards in July was forgotten during your lovely family get together. Sounds like such a happy time, and the food looks fabulous!

  3. Over here Costco normally starts with Xmas stuff in September…. but haven’t seen anything yet…. Good for you getting a cleaner. Mine is once every 2 weeks and a treat….. kids still have to tidy up for them coming….but still, all gets done in one go…..

    • That’s one of the nice things – the whole house being done at once. Never happens when I do the cleaning, as I only ever have time (or inclination!) for one or two rooms at a time 🙂

  4. Christmas cards in July – that’s just wrong. Earliest I’ve ever seen Christmas cards is the end of August – usually for a charity. Good for you getting a cleaner, I got whole-heartedly fed up of cutting my three lots of grass last year and this year have a gardener who comes once a fortnight to do the grass and some shrub pruning and weeding – it has totally transformed the whole garden and for very little overall cost, I’m delighted.

    • Good for you, Elizabeth. We have an occasional gardener, and he gets so much more than we ever could in the time he takes, and the end result is so much better than we could achieve, that it’s money well spent.

  5. I want a cleaner and a gardener. Embarrassed when a friend came to fix some window blinds by the amount of cobwebs. I used to love gardening in the UK but hate it in Spain. Too hot. Ground either too hard or too wet.

    I agree about all Christmas stuff and should be banned until end of October at least.

    • I always felt like I SHOULD like gardening, but never did. Now I freely admit that the only part of ‘gardening’ that I enjoy is sitting in it with a glass of wine!

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