Life Last Week: Bests & Worsts


  1. Although it was a crazy busy week and my feet didn’t touch the ground, I still had that post-holiday relaxed and laid-back vibe going on, so I sailed through it all quite happily.
  1. Change is in the air. I know a lot of people struggle with change, but for me, it always feels positive and as though things are moving forward. I’m all about the action at the moment, procrastination has no place in my world at all.
  1. Will returned to karate after a six month break. He decided to give up after nearly ten years of karate and having been a black belt for three years, back in January. We were disappointed as it was his only form of exercise out of school, but we didn’t put any pressure on him, and were delighted when he decided to start again.
  1. Book Club – we all absolutely loathed this month’s choice, H for Hawk by Helen Macdonald. Not a single one of us managed to get to the end of it, but we had such a good laugh picking it to pieces at our meeting last week!


  1. Pouring rain all day. Twice in one week. In July. It’s just not on.
  1. Flooding water through the boiler into the kitchen at my flat in Bournemouth. For the second time in a month. It’s hard enough finding reliable tradesmen anyway, but finding one 100 miles away, when you don’t really have much idea what’s causing the problem because you haven’t seen it and the tenant isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer – it’s just a nightmare. First world problems, eh?!

18 thoughts on “Life Last Week: Bests & Worsts

  1. Read number 3 as ‘Will return to karate after six month break…’ Was thinking to myself – wow, who ever would have guessed Caroline was a black belt!!! Haters beware!!! lol *rolls eyes* Glad ‘Will’ enjoyed getting back into it 😀 It’s been pouring with rain here too – just as I buy new sandals as well, sods law *sigh* Oh no – sorry to read about your boiler 😦 that sounds dreadful, hope you get it sorted pronto XXXX

    • Hi Karen – laughing at the thought of me being a karate black belt – brilliant! Hope the weather improves enough for you to wear your new sandals soon x

      • lol Honestly I really did, had to re-read to convince myself otherwise… not that I’m saying you wouldn’t make an amazing black belt of course!!!!! lol
        Ahh me too – it’s still so overcast! Typical XXX

  2. I remember Will getting his black belt, cant believe that it’s 3 years ago.
    Long may be post holiday calmness reign and I hope the boiler issue is resolved swiftly.
    It’s unusual for everyone in our book club to all dislike a book, there is normally one who will even if everyone else doesn’t, it must have been dreadful for you all to have given it a thumbs down.
    Lisa x

  3. Ugh, as a long-distance property owner, I know the feeling when something goes wrong. Hope it’s fixed soon. Wish you could send that rain our way – we’re heading into some high temperatures again at the end of the week. To quote you, for Washington, it’s just not on!

  4. I am glad Will is going back to Karate, all my boys went to Karate and John’s Brother was a Karate teacher,my middle son used to participate at tournament level when he was eleven.
    I hope you get your problem sorted at.your rental property.
    Isn’t the weather awful ,I am hoping for sunshine soo,the sky looks quite blue this morning,fingers crossed.
    Dawn X

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